Youth Program



Ages 4-12, parents welcome

Each class provides fun, focused and safe Aikido training in a nurturing environment. A typical class includes physical conditioning, activities to foster motor learning and games that cultivate inner calm.

Instruction is centered around  exercises that increase physical-coordination and foster mental-focus—importantly, children discover how to apply Aikido’s philosophy of peaceful conflict resolution to their daily lives.


Aikido for children promotes:

  • Physical fitness, flexibility and strength
  • Non-competitive training
  • Increased confidence and focus
  • Peaceful conflict transformation
  • Bully awareness and prevention strategies
  • Relaxation, meditation, and the cultivation of inner calm
  • Positive social values such as, honesty, humility, and dignity.
  • Respect for self and others
  • Fun!

Youth classes are for children 4-12 years of age; youth aged 13+ are invited to train in the adult classes. Parents are welcome to practice in the youth classes and when on the mat parents are expected to step out of a parent role and engage in class as students alongside their children.

All students are taught how to fall without hurting themselves and as they become comfortable rolling they are introduced to basic martial arts principles. In conjunction with these principles, we instruct them in the techniques of Aikido.

Cooperation and teamwork are stressed as more experienced children assist the newer students in developing their skills. There are no competitions in Aikido but examinations and demonstrations motivate students to continue to advance in their practice. Youth students must commit to attend practice at least once a week.